Albert’s list of best Jelly candies in the world; Dufour and Kasugai leads the pack!

Albert Wong
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

I love candy but really really good candy. One of my favorite is Fruit Jelly and their cousin Pâte de Fruits, confitures sèches or dry jam, and Gummy Candy.

1. Dufour Pates de Fruits: Hailing from France, Dufour Pates de Fruits are not your average jelly beans. These gourmet treats are made with real fruit purées, resulting in an intensely flavorful and slightly chewy candy experience. Apricot is the classic flavor, but Dufour offers a delightful selection, including strawberry, raspberry, and citrus options.

Dufour Pâtes de Fruits candy

2. Kasugai Japan Fruity Jelly Gummy Candy: These bite-sized delights from Japan boast vibrant colors and intense fruit flavors. Their gummy texture provides a satisfying chew, making them perfect for those who enjoy a bit more resilience in their candy.

Kasugai Japan Fruity Jelly Gummy Candy

3. Bonelle Candy Candies: These colorful chews offer a delightful burst of fruity flavor. Made with real fruit juices and no artificial flavors, Bonelle candies are a sweet and satisfying treat. They come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for sharing or savoring solo.

Bonelle Candy Candies

4. Trader Joe’s Fruit Jellies: For the budget-conscious candy lover, Trader Joe’s Fruit Jellies offer a delicious and affordable option. These soft and chewy candies come in various fruit flavors and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Jellies candy

5. Saint Siffrein Gourmet Jellies: Hailing from Provence, France, Saint Siffrein takes pride in using traditional methods and local ingredients to craft their jellies. Their unique flavor combinations, like rose and violet, and beautiful presentation make them a special treat.

Saint Siffrein Gourmet Jellies

6. Sunkist Fruit Gels: Sunkist Fruit Gels capture the refreshing taste of real citrus fruits in a chewy candy form. Perfect for those who love a tangy treat, these jellies come in classic orange, lemon, and lime flavors.

Sunkist Fruit Gels candy

Ones I’m planning on trying: Laduree (I love their macaroos), Fazer, Crzilles.

Here’s a link for other ideas:



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